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GXN (Greenex Nutrition) Super Creatine

(15 customer reviews)
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  • Each serving (5g) of Super Creatine delivers approximately 3g creatine monohydrate, 1g L-lysine and 1g L-Glycine.
  • GXN Super Creatine increases the body’s creatine stores and helps in the formation of new ATP for the production of energy.
  • Super Creatine helps to grow lean muscle mass and increase muscle size.
  • It improves strength as well as muscle endurance for high-intensity exercise.
  • GXN Super Creatine used to speed up muscle growth and lower blood sugar.
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GXN Super Creatine is a uniquely composed supplement which is noticeably not the same as other creatine items since it contains creatine monohydrate, L-lysine, L-Glycine as well as comprises of Amino Acids and Alpha Lipoic Acid. Super Creatine gives the purest and most promptly consumed monohydrate creatine formula; It has been appealed to altogether help muscle power, quality and size amid high force exercises.


  • The best creatine in India, Super creatine upgrades the body’s ability to perform intensity workout and helps to increase in muscle size and muscle mass more rapidly.
  • Super Creatine viewed as a high-vitality phosphate, it maintains muscle function and levels of dopamine and phosphocreatine helping to keep away several neurological and degenerative diseases and increasing vitality.
  • GXN Super Creatine not only helps in physical wellbeing but also provide the brain with more creatine. This leads to additional production of ATP, the source of metabolic energy which elevates memory, recall, and intelligence.
  • Super Creatine is the best creatine powder supplement that utilizes 100% unadulterated micronized creatine to enable wellness fans to get the boost they have to prevail at the gym.

People who can use:-

It is the basic and most effective creatine supplement in India which is almost utilized by the bodybuilders. For athletes and gym lovers, this Creatine, popularly considered as the best creatine brand in India helps to pump out more reps, run at a quicker rate, or connect with all the more strength in whatever sport or any kind of exercises they participate in. As a result of the solid connection between high glycogen stores and execution amid delayed exercise, creatine could be very gainful in perseverance exercises for the athletes and also for the teenagers.


Patients with kidney malady should totally abstain from utilizing creatine, and caution is prompted for individuals with diabetes and anybody taking glucose supplements. Abstain from taking high measurements of creatine with non-steroidal calming meds (NSAIDs like headache medicine or ibuprofen) in light of the fact that doing as such may put stress on the kidneys.


  • Mix 1 heaping scoop (5 g) of super creatine in 200ml of water or non-acid beverage of your choice four times for 5 days. It is recommended to take creatine with high carbohydrate drink in order to increase creatine uptake.
  • Diabetic, hypoglycemic, pregnant & breastfeeding women should only use this product upon the advice of a qualified licensed physician.

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15 reviews for GXN (Greenex Nutrition) Super Creatine

  1. Mayank Sharma

    It might be contradictory, but I am feeling more energy and strength in my workouts as well as good growth in muscle definition. Also, product is genuine but seriously, Super creatine is just unbeatable

  2. Kapil Ranjan

    It’s always a very awesome feeling when u know what u have ordered is 100% authentic and genuine products.

  3. Jai Kumar

    Hi guys, i am in bodybuilding from last five years I will recommend you for all. Super creatine is the best creatine supplement I ever used. Packing was nice two-day delivery awesome. Thanks to GXN.

  4. Nilesh

    Use it as mentioned in the recommended dosage and for beginners better to take half the recommended dosage and don’t forget to drink at least 4 ltr of water per day…Super creatine is highly recommended.

  5. Praveen

    I chose super creatine over ON creatine supplement because of nice response of this supplement from various resource. And now I am proud of my decision because this super creatine worked very effectively.

  6. Bharat Sachdeva

    If u want strength and stamina just go for it without a second thought. I’m using it for the last three months and the results are amazing. Remember u have to drink 4-5 liters of water every day.

  7. Pulkit Rana

    For repair and recovery you must go for super creatine , this is the perfect creatine I could find.

  8. Gautam Rana

    Best Creatine to increase strength …I started felling high stamina in gym when I starts taking this one serving in a day. Super creatine is outstanding dude.

  9. Paresh

    When I joined gym, only thing which was dragging me down was my stamina to work out for long duration which I managed to improve using Super Creatine. A perfect supplement for strength building. I must say that.

  10. Rajat Chopra

    Surely the best creatine to increase the strength in gym.. a perfect ingredients to provides instant stamina..

  11. Pawan

    Superb product. Gives you lots of energy and strength. Excellent and Original.

  12. Gajender Verma

    I loved this product and guys go for it, it’s not though expensive.

  13. Ram Singh

    very nice product and good test

  14. riyaz

    best creatin supplement ever

  15. Atiqur Rahman (verified owner)

    I am use no pump . Amazing result this product

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