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GXN (Greenex Nutrition) Hyper Ripped – Fat Burner/Fat Cutter

(29 customer reviews)
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  • GXN Hyper Ripped made up of many fat burner substances such as green tea extract (50mg), Ginger root extract (50mg) and caffeine anhydrous (150mg) that speed up your fat loss.
  • Hyper ripped used to improve the metabolism and help the body to burn more calories.
  • One of the best fat burner supplement Hyper Ripped helps to keep you full and control hunger cravings.
  • Hyper ripped is widely used among bodybuilders, runners and sports athletes as it helps convert fat deposits into energy units.
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Fat Burner/Fat Cutter

Hyper Ripped is one of the most advanced fitness supplement and best fat cutter in India that can potentially revamp one’s physical capabilities. It completes fitness targets and strengths efforts so that one can work out in the gym to an optimal level without feeling lethargic or low on energy for the rest of the day. An average person seeking to lose weight can have great safe results when using the fat burner as directed. They are sure to give weight loss goals that all-important push.

Benefits of using Fat Cutter:-

It is expertly formulated using a blend of powerful and naturally derived weight loss ingredients and it is available online as a fat cutter for men. This is suitable for women as well. Few benefits are:

  • Hyper Ripped increases energy level and proves to be the best fat burner supplement for men.
  • It is inspired by real clinical studies.
  • Ingredients of Hyper Ripped assists in metabolizing carbohydrates and fats so the best fat cutter for women who are aspiring to lose weight.
  • It helps to kill hunger pangs and makes you eat less.
  • GXN Hyper Ripped capsules easily dissolve in the body to give a positive effect.
  • Along with giving you the needed push, it also stimulates burning of unwanted calories to give a lean physique. It helps in bodybuilding so it is the best fat burner for men online.
  • It increases aerobic capacity.

People who can use:-

Adult men of any age group and any sort of physique are strongly advised to follow this regimen strictly for a minimum of 90 days to accomplish complete and promising outcomes. It is the best belly fat cutter product for both men as well women. Athletes and Gym enthusiasts find it as the best product to fight excess weight and succeed.


It is strictly advised to seek consultation from health experts if suspecting any particular health conditions. The supplement must be stored at a cool and dry place. This product is not recommended for teenagers and one must not overdose it.


One capsule in a day preferably after the meal or as directed by the dietician. Close the container after each use. Store in a cool and dry place. Use within 90 days after the opening of the seal.

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29 reviews for GXN (Greenex Nutrition) Hyper Ripped – Fat Burner/Fat Cutter

  1. Yash Chauhan

    Worth of money.!!! Hyper ripped ingredients are very effective for the fat to lose. I am using for 3 weeks. I can’t see any kind of side effect infect I am feeling more energized.

  2. Dinesh

    Finally I got the genuine products. After the daum too long research I got to know that this is the best fat burner for a fair result. What I can feel after using for 2 months.

  3. Ajay Sharma

    Best fat cutter supplement. Boost immune and metabolism system and caffeine increase the workout efficiency.

  4. Akash Thakare

    I like this fat cutter. Very effective for men and women. I was worried for my health as my belly fat was continuously increasing. Thanks to hyper ripped to support me throughout the journey.

  5. Lakhan Singh

    Wowww….what an awesome supplement for fat reduction. Very fast result ..i am satisfied with the product quality. This is the best supplement .. price is also easy and affordable. Go for it

  6. Ankit Ojha

    Nice supplement. hyper ripped capsule is very easy to swallow and digest. I use this with a daily meal and my fat cut by 3 to 4 kg in a month. Most importantly I can’t see any side effect after using what I was afraid of.

  7. Pradeep Raj

    100% pure and authentic fat burner. I am totally satisfied with the products quality. Best best best.

  8. Amit Dagar

    Yeah, it did work it gives energy for doing more workouts as well your fats burn by doing it. I am 100% satisfied. I will definitely suggest a supplement to cut fat.

  9. Deepak Joshi

    Nice fat cutter …. I have using hyper ripped for 2 months ..witness the remarkable change in fat level .. helpful in many way… must buy products for obese people.

  10. Rohit Deswal

    Daaumm Gooood…..!! I was tired of trying various fat burner and finally I got to know about hyper ripped through social media. I liked the review of this supplement by all the user and now I become of them to give a true review of this supplement.

  11. Rashid

    If you are ready to do the really hardcore workout, then hyper ripped is the fat burner you need. It will provide you strength during workout where you sustain for long term.

  12. Deepankar Attri

    Overall I would rate this fat burner as 8/10….. Rest I like ingredients part.. like not side effects original and authenticity wise 10/10.

  13. Praveen Rohilla

    Every time I see someone fat one thing I suggest them is go and buy hyper ripped fat burner. cuz I was exactly like them before.

  14. Tarun

    Good product it’s just your motivation and boosts for the weight loss u have to maintain regular exercise of half hour a day and trying to avoid junk food or flavors drink and fast food having normal food daily.

  15. Mangesh

    Very effective fat burner. Regular uses for 3 months may help you to burn over 6kg.

  16. Deepesh

    Good product it boosts your motivation and support for the weight loss u have to maintain regular exercise of one to half hour a day and try to avoid junk food or flavors drink and fast food having normal food daily. Eat a clean diet. Hyper ripped helped me a lot in sweets craving control.

  17. Karan Bohra

    No fat burner could be better than hyper ripped. Very fast reactive. Helps to control my sugar craving.

  18. Sanjeev Mathur

    Few things which is exceptionally great about this fat burner is… apart from supporting workout it is also helpful in diet control… like it will resist you in food cravings reduce fat percentage.

  19. Taranjeet

    One of the best fat burner anyone could get. I have tried all the imported fat burner of various brands results were none …. Hyper ripped was my last choices and now I don’t need any fat burner because this supplement worked well. Already..

  20. Swapnil Mahajan

    Good for many reason. help to control food craving… supply strength during workout.

  21. Ashwani

    Hyper ripped is works as catalyst for fat burning process. Ingredients of this supplement are especially included for fast fat burn…… worth for money.

  22. Jayesh

    Cut the bad fat very smoothly ….. my belly fat was very adamant and I was too frustrated with that thanks to hyper ripped which help me to achieve that goal.

  23. Rajiv Bansal

    Insane fat fat burner, I was like wow what is this man… within a month huge effects.. amazing .. food craving, sweets ..all stopped.

  24. Vimal Sharma

    To lose weight we need to care of many thing like intense workout, diet control etc.. hyper ripped will help me.. like supported to control food craving, and provide strength for workout.. really helpful

  25. Vijay Agarwal

    I am thankful to my friends that they suggested my this supplement before my marriage .. I was worried for my obese look.. belly fat reduced now and I will be thankfull for the gxn for providing the finest material…

  26. Sachin

    Gives very good result after 15 to 20 days if you keep on walking running or any type of work out

  27. Umed Kalwa

    If you want a best fat burner then i will suggest gxn hyper ripped fat burner… i loss my weight aprox 7 kg … highly recommended

  28. Gautam

    Superb Result. This supplement contains natural ingredients which burns fat and boost metabolism. Easy and natural way for weight loss. I will definitely recommend.

  29. NILAM

    Best Fat cutter

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