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GXN (Greenex Nutrition) Hardcore Mass Gainer

(17 customer reviews)
50.00 Cashback
  • Each serving(100g) of hardcore mass gainer includes 384.97kcal, 15g protein and 80.37g carbohydrates which is a perfect ratio of content for the faster muscle gain.
  • Hardcore mass gainer is specially designed for the beginners who find difficult to gain weight. It provides the stamina and strength during hardcore workout session.
  • Few primary ingredients such as3000mg of creatine, 1333mg of dieatry fiber, 1000 L-arginine helps the body in rapid recovery and swift growth.
  • The quality ingredients and deliciousflavour make this supplement easy to consume and smooth digestion.
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Hardcore Mass Gainer Supplement

Hardcore mass gainer delivers you with huge 15 grams of unadulterated protein and 384.97g nutrient-dense calories,3000mg creatine monohydratein every serving. Any pro gym freak will describe that making impressive physique requires an enormous combination of carbohydrates, which fuels muscle Glycogen; the most significant part of creating intense workout force. It provides almost a 3 to 1 CHO (Carbohydrate) to protein proportion assuring that the gym rat will attain the maximum size and maximum recovery.

Benefits of Hardcore Mass Gainer Supplement:-

There are few of the aspects of this supplement that may work accordingly for the structuring of body muscles:

  • Using this mass gainer supplement provides you the impact on body requirements after the workout.
  • Comprising of Solubilized fiber as the Xanthan, which assures that the athlete receives the vital nutrients to perform utmost absorption.
  • No digestion issues and no waste, nothing except the unadulterated macronutrient absorption in order to accelerate the lean mass and muscle gain.
  • It appears to be the best gainer that delivers in a complete spectrum macronutrient formulation, which facilitates incomparable nitrogen retention and protein supply.

People who can use:-

Bodybuilders, gym freaks, and other athletes use this supplement to get adequate mass in their body in order to give their best performance. Desiring for best mass gainer supplement, the search of gym rats can end over this supplement, as it appears to be a most effective form of weight gainer that helps in providing sufficient shape and mass to their body.


It comprises ingredients from milk that seems to be providing essential nutrient for natural body growth. The kids are advised not to touch it as it requires storing it at 15-30C (59-86F). The product must be secured from excess moisture, light, and heat. It is mandatory for the users to check the seal before purchasing it. Proper consultation with your professional healthcare is needed before utilizing this or any other kind of mass gainer protein.


Mix 3 scoops (100 gm) with 400 ml of full-fat milk to enhance the calorie content and shake for 60 seconds. Drink this shake twice in a day for the rapid weight gain.

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Chocolate Swirl, Strawberry Crush, Milkshake Pie, Natural Banana, Mango Feast

17 reviews for GXN (Greenex Nutrition) Hardcore Mass Gainer

  1. Bablu kataria

    I find Hardcore mass gainer is a perfect mixture of proteins and carbs. Good for gain. Mixes well and easy in digestion.

  2. Mukesh soonewala

    100% authentic mass gainer. When the result speaks no arguments work. Like when I have purchased this product many of my friends asked me to go for imported and this may be useless and all… And now they are using the same mass gainer-Hardcore

  3. Amit Grover

    Results of this mass gainer are easily noticeable. I prefer this supplement as a meal replacement or a post-workout supplement. I gained 3 kg in 21 days. I would definitely suggest the skinny one go for this supplement without any doubt. Just make sure you are buying the authentic supplement. Though, GXN’s all products are verified so I buy this blindly.

  4. Arvind Singh

    I become a fan of hardcore mass gainer after using for a couple of weeks. This is the best mass gainer in all aspects either it’s about taste or quality. I am using this as a post workout supplement for better absorption and fast digestion.

  5. Rudra Pratap

    Within 2 weeks I saw the best effects of Hardcore Mass Gainer. This is the best mass gainer in all aspects either it’s about taste or quality. I am using this as a post workout supplement for better absorption and fast digestion.

  6. Umesh singh

    The best for swift muscle gain… Amino and glutamine are also present in this mass gainer which will helps you to add muscle mass quickly.

  7. Tarun Chaba

    Gained mass very quickly. Seriously when I saw the name hardcore mass gainer I thought there must be something different and I was right, this is one of the best mass gainers in . No one regretted whom so ever I suggested. A perfect blend of calorie, carbs, and protein.

  8. Paras verma

    There are very few mass gainers that not only provides you carbo but good protein. Because protein is must for rapid growth in muscle. Hardcore Mass Gainer is one of that kind of mass gainer. I am really happy with the ingredients of this mass gainer. Very impactful

  9. Gautam

    Hardcore Mass gainer is a Very nice mass gainer for fast gain. I used this supplement for 3 months and I gained good weight and feel real strength and stamina. Perfect ratio for carbs and protein. Taste nice.

  10. Farhan Qureshi

    I like this mass gainer very much I used this daily … Great quality, fast mix ability.,….. quick digestion and absorption, and helps in rapid recovery. Tryely awesome one.

  11. Lovedeep

    Carbohydrate and calorie is present in very high amount. Each serving of this mass gainer benefits you with good needed amount of nutrition.

  12. Rajiv malhotra

    For quick muscle gain, Hardcore mass gainer is perfect. i will suggest you to take with milk because first month I gained 2.5kg , second month 4.5kg.. difference was just milk and water… so if your gaol is gain good in short period then switch for milk.

  13. Sonu sangwan

    I gained muscle already using this mass gainer. now I am just here to say one thing .. if you are struggling to gain mass then buy this without thinking anything extra… you will not regret. That’s it

  14. Rahul

    Best mass Gainer.Original product no side effect.

  15. Kumas Sanket

    Within 3 month I have gained my weight..
    Always in love with gxn.

  16. Nikhil Kataria

    best mass gainer than every Indian product

  17. Paras Bansal

    Mass Gainer is an amazing product with good amount of calories per servings. Taste is good, Mix ability is okay. Results are visible

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