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GXN (Greenex Nutrition) Active Glutamine

  • Active Glutamine delivers the most abundant amino acid in the bloodstream is L-glutamine our body uses it in large amounts.
  • GXN Active Glutamine used to improve muscle growth and prevent muscle breakdown.
  • Active Glutamine can be preferred to increase the athletic performance and may help in repair and recovery of broken muscle tissues.
  • GXN Active Glutamine can be used for both weight loss as well as lean muscle growth.
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GXN (Greenex Nutrition) Super Creatine

  • Each serving (5g) of Super Creatine delivers approximately 3g creatine monohydrate, 1g L-lysine and 1g L-Glycine.
  • GXN Super Creatine increases the body’s creatine stores and helps in the formation of new ATP for the production of energy.
  • Super Creatine helps to grow lean muscle mass and increase muscle size.
  • It improves strength as well as muscle endurance for high-intensity exercise.
  • GXN Super Creatine used to speed up muscle growth and lower blood sugar.
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GXN (Greenex Nutrition) Vigor Pump

  • Vigor Pump delivers 910mg of Creatine Monohydrate and 2500mg of Citrulline DL malate in each serving.
  • Vigor Pump Pre-workout supplement contains Caffeine Anhydrous and Green Tea Extract which are active ingredients to promote instant strength during a workout session.
  • It is helpful to increase the rate of muscle protein synthesis which in turn enables the more muscle production. 

  • Vigor Pump ensures that you have a long-lasting muscular pump.
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GXN N.O. Pump – Best Pre Workout

  • Each serving of N.O.  Pump includes Citruline DL malate (1500 mg), Beta Alanine (3000mg), Creatine (1000 mg), and L Arginine (1500 mg)
  • GXN N.O. Pump pre-workout supplement is specially crafted to increase workout endurance and efficiency.
  • N O. pump includes rich amount of Caffeine (250mg) and vitamin B3 and B6 which helps increases the focus and concentration during workout.
  • N.O. Pump supplement can be preferred 20-30 minutes before you hit the gym and advisable for both men and women.