Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sale all types of health nutrition?

Yes, we are a prominent supplier and manufacturer of all kinds of Health’s nutrition including mass gainer, whey protein, fat burner and workout essentials.

Are your products approved from FSSAI?

Yes, Our all products and verified and declared edible and safe for the consumer.

Do you supply products all over India?

Yes, We deliver products all over India and has been known for the faster delivery.

Are you supply products in bulk as well as in retail?

Yes we work in both ways. We are a manufacturer of listed products on our websites. So, we try our best to fulfill every possible requirement to match the user flexibility.

Do you ship supplements to another country?


Roughly how many days would it take in the delivery of the products?

As we deal with the India’s fastest delivery service so it takes maximum 3 to 4 working days in the final delivery of the products

Are all products edible and authentic?

All products are 100% authentic and genuine. We follow the required protocols to verify the products quality to avoid any undesirable experiences.

Do you provide the facilities for faster delivery?

No, you don’t need to pay for the faster delivery as our services is itself as fast as it could be.

Do I need to visit your shop for bulk order or you can deliver the heavy order too?

Yes, we can deliver the heavy products as well.

Can I track my order?

Yes you can.

Are you supply products in bulk as well as in retail?

Yes we work in both ways. We are a manufacturer of listed products on our websites. So, we try our best to fulfill every possible requirement to match the user flexibility.

Are you a manufacturer of listed products on your websites?

Yes we are the only manufacturer of listed products on our website.

What are the modes of payments?

Net banking, debit card,

Do you provide cash on delivery?


Why is cash on delivery not available for my location?

Your location may not be in our list where we provide cash on delivery.

Do you charge for cancellation?

No, if your product is not out for delivery no money will deduct.

May I refund the purchased products?

Read the term and conditions of refund policy:-Anchor text

How many days will it take in refund?

As soon as we receive the refunded product and found products in same state without any damage we initiate the process of refund. It may take a week or more.

How can I arrange the pick up to refund the purchased product?

You are free to call or email our customer care executive and they will assist you accordingly.

After how many days of delivery I can return the received product?

You are only eligible to refund the products within 10 calendar days.

Are there any other hidden charges apart from shipping and tax?

Absolutely not!!

Do you provide EMI options?

Not yet. Soon we are planning to implement these facilities as well.

Is there any promo coupon options?


Can I change my delivery address after payment?

Until and unless your products are not out for delivery you can change your address.

What is muscle grow?

Muscle grow is a mass gainer supplement that includes the rich amount of protein, carbs and carbohydrate. which does not only help to increase the body insulin level but also maximize the muscle protein hypertrophy. It comprises several essential ingredients that support to build the ripped lean physique

What is a hardcore mass gainer?

Hardcore mass gainer is designed to deliver the huge amount of protein, calorie, and carbs. It is a blend of medium chain triglyceride (MCT) with added creatine monohydrate and valine. Beginner prefers this supplement to build muscle and to gain fat-free mass.

What is Carbo Ex?

Carbo Ex is a perfect blend of complex carbohydrates. It assimilates quickly in the body and acts as key fuel for muscles. Carbo Ex is crafted in a way that it may easily digest and absorbed by the body to produce an enormous amount of energy (glucose). Bodybuilder, athletes and fitness enthusiasts prefer this supplement for the hardcore workout performance.

What is a rapid gain plus?

Rapid gain is one of the finest mass gainers to speed up the muscle growth and increase muscle gain. It includes three primary elements of muscle building Branched-chain amino acids, creatine, and valine which is further blended with the medium chain triglyceride (MCT) and digestive enzyme. Hence rapid gain used to increase muscle size and improve strength.

What is Armour whey?

Armour whey is the BioActive protein supplement with a full spectrum of Essential Amino Acids and digestive enzyme that supports in faster digestion as well absorption. Those who want to increase the strength and stamina for the high-intensity workout performance then this is the best protein available for now.

What is intense whey?

Intense Whey is Ultrapure protein blend fortified with Amino Matrix comprising Glutamine and Branched-chain amino acids (BCAA). Contains sufficient essential amino acids (EAA) to recover from muscle breakdown after heavy workouts, it is the most efficient protein drink and is used for muscle development

What is whey stack?

Whey stack is a clinically proven bodybuilding protein supplement for the rapid gain of muscle. Primary ingredients of whey stack are whey protein concentrate and L-glutamine. whey stack is used by athletes and gym enthusiasts to enhance the process of muscle protein synthesis and is fortified with protein digesting enzymes to ensure complete absorption of nutrients.

How does whey protein work in the development of muscle?

Whey protein is considered to be the purest form of protein i.e. whey contains varieties of amino acids including leucine, valine, and glutamine. These elements play a vital role in promoting muscle building and growth. Whey proteins help in muscle recovery and prevent muscle break and provide contentious strength throughout the workout.

Whey protein Armour whey available in all the three form of whey-Concentrates, hydrolyzed and isolates?

Armour whey is available in concentrate form only as it manufactured for the beginners to provide a good amount of calorie for the faster muscle gain. Anyone can use this supplement if they are seeking to put some fat-free muscle mass besides true stamina and strength.

Why do athletes use Re-fuelz?

Re-fuelz is an intra-workout supplement which is used to provide the instant energy for the high-intensity workout. It is made up of readily absorbing dextrose monohydrate and minerals that make this supplement suitable for the body in terms of faster absorption as digestion. In order to enhance the workout performance Re-fuelz mixed with added glutamine and BCAA which are the top amino acids amongst all.

Re-fuelz can be used by women?

Indeed, Re-fuelz is used to get the instant energy which is a primary requirement of all human being. It would be awesome for the women as well if they prefer this supplement to improve the stamina for certain daily activity. Hence, it is suitable for both men and women.

What are the ingredients of Re-fuelz?

Major ingredients of Re-fuelz are dextrose monohydrates, Glucose, BCAA, glutamine, vitamins and minerals. So, this is a perfect blend of quality ingredients that support in the development of muscle along with contentious delivery of strength and stamina.

Could these supplements be harmful to pregnant women?

No such adverse effects have been observed yet. Though, during pregnancy, we advise you to consult the authorized doctors first before using any supplements including re-fuelz.

How to use mass gainer for the weight gain?

A mass Gainer is formulated to increase the body weight that provides a sufficient amount of calorie that may fulfill your daily calorie requirement. If you want to increase the mass rapidly then prefer milk in place of water to make the delicious shake of supplement as milk acts as a catalyst to enhance the growth of muscle. You must obey the recommendation prescribed on the label of the container like a number of serving and size. Experts believe that you shouldn’t escape the supplementation even if you are in off days.

How to use whey protein supplement for the rapid muscle growth?

Whey protein is a refined form of protein which can be used as both a pre-workout and post-workout supplement. Bodybuilding experts suggest that 1hr before and after the workout is the best way to consume whey protein for the maximum utilization of the supplement. Using as a pre-workout supplement support during a workout to provide strength while as a post-workout supplement it supports in repair and recovery of muscle tissues. Besides using between the meals are also preferred by many to keep up the muscle in an anabolic state.

What is the use of work essentials?

A workout essential is used by athletes, bodybuilder and by those who involved any kind of hardcore physical activity.  Work essential is a kind of supplement which is used during the workout to increase the stamina to elongate the workout duration like Re-fuelz.

Is all whey protein supplements are enriched with gutamine and amino acids?

No, all supplements do not contain added glutamine and amino acids, however, whey protein itself contains amino acids. Some contain extra glutamine and amino acids.

How many scoops of Armour whey protein should take a beginner for muscle gain?

Gym beginners are advised to take two serving (40g each) in a day. One while having breakfast and another just after the workout for the maximum utilization. For the beginners prefer with milk to enhance the taste as well calorie contain.

Can these supplements be used for all age group people?

Yes, all the listed products on our websites are verified from the nutrition’s authorities and edible for the all age group people. Still, it is recommended to read the label carefully if any age is not advised to use.

What is the difference between mass gainer and whey protein?

Whey protein and mass gainer both are used for the bodybuilding and utilized for the different purposes. Mass gainer delivers the carbs, calorie, and carbohydrates while whey provides protein and amino. Whey protein is low in lactose and carbs and used to enhance the stamina for the hardcore workout performance. So, the basic difference between these two is one is used to gain muscle weight and others to boost the immune and metabolism system

Can we use Re-fuelz as an intra workout supplement?

Yes, Re-fuelz is an intra-workout supplement. It is a best instant energy supplement that can be used during the workout for the optimum performance. It includes amino BCCA and Glutamine that supports to enhance strength as well

What is Hyper Ripped?

Hyper Ripped is a Fat burning capsule which specifically acts on fat cell receptors and increases the rate of fat loss by speeding up metabolism, formulated with yohimbine (10%) which is a clinically documented to dissolve stubborn fat.

How to use Hyper Ripped fat burner?

Two capsules in a day are enough for the rapid reduction of bad fat. Use one after the breakfast and another just after the night meal. You can also include with a regular exercise program and balanced diet for the quick fat loss

Hyper ripped can be used by both men and women?

Yes, Hyper ripped is safe for both men and women, however, pregnant women should use Hyper ripped only after consulting the physician.

What are amino acids?

Amino Acids are the building blocks of proteins, they are classified as essential, non-essential and semi-essential amino acids. Leucine, isoleucine, and valine are called branched-chain amino acids due to their branched structures.

What is Active glutamine?

Active glutamine enhances the uptake of carbohydrates and by taking it as post-workout drink speed up the recovery process and hence build more muscle tissue over time.

What is a pre-workout supplement?

Pre-workout supplements usually consumed between 1 – 3 hours before your workout. The pre-workout supplement is important for providing you with the fuel you need to perform your workout and aids in Preventing muscle glycogen depletion during your workout and reduce muscle protein breakdown when working out.

What is a post-workout supplement?

Post work out supplement is consumed within 30-45 minutes of finishing your workout a drink high in protein and carbohydrate is suggested post work out supplement is important for helping your body to recover and repair. It Replenishes muscle glycogen (stored energy) that was used in your workout.