GXN, a brand for sports nutrition has been formed on the grounds of giving authentic sports sustenance supplements to health aficionados. Today, Greenex Nutrition offers a substantial variety of legitimate health products across several categories. GXN, a renowned name among supplement products is a completely possessed auxiliary of Bukalo India Pvt. Ltd, a main Health and fitness group with a nationwide presence.

The brand is a one-stop solution for all your nutrition and supplement needs. Be it any age group “fitness” is the mantra for a vigorous and prosperous life. So we introduced ourselves in 2012 standing out amongst others, offering a wide range of supplements and health needs. Working on pan India level our network of distributors ensure that our premium collection of dietary supplement products reach every nook and corner of India.

Recognized as an undisputed leader among sports supplement products, the brand covers all types of products ranging from Glutamine, Creatine, Fat Burners, Pre-Workout, Post Workout, Protein powders, Nitric Oxide supplements. 

One of the critical factors involving health supplement brands is the AUTHENTICITY which is of extreme significance. We realize that we are offering consumable and the difference is hard for you to spot yet the symptoms would be genuine, so in such cases genuinity of the product is essential. So along these lines, we ensure 100% AUTHENTIC products.

The brand focuses not only on quality but also taste so that you can relish it while maintaining your health and fitness. This has influenced us to check out the world to source the absolute best whey and flavors. Driven by the want to surpass your desires, we have united pharmaceutical skill and the best specialists of flavoring to make unique products with unparalleled taste and quality that matches international standards.

Brand Mission

The brand aims to provide innovative products as per changing needs and demands of health and workout enthusiasts so that they can focus only on their fitness while maintaining good health.

The brand offers all kind of Bodybuilding and Fitness products throughout the nation for athletes, mentors, sportspersons and wellness monstrosities! Trusted among users across the nation, it ensures global standard quality at affordable prices with superior service.

Focus on Quality

The brand is equipped with FSSAI, GMP and HACCP certified state of the art manufacturing plant in Delhi, which implies that your supplement experiences thorough testing and different quality checks before it reaches you. All ingredients of the products are imported from renowned international destinations that supply only certified materials confirming purity and authenticity. Stringent quality tests are then done on these materials to ensure their premium quality. Strict quality control measures are then applied at every step of the processing with inspections to ensure the final products retain their nutrition and high-quality content.

With a specific end goal to give more energy to your reps and sets, GXN, endeavors to guarantee universal healthy principles.

Consumer Centric Approach

GXN believes in customer satisfaction since our consumers are at the core of our brand. Since we are offering a product that supplements your health, we ensure that all efforts and measures are taken to give you the best products. From high quality to taste and flavoring, GXN products are at par with global standards so that there is no compromise with your health and fitness. The support of our customers who patronize us is a certificate of our quality and approach.

Commitment to Excel

Pioneers in the field of sports supplements, GXN excels in providing sports-specific health nutrition. The brand offers products for athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts in accordance to their needs. The special formulas offered by GXN are backed by scientific research and focus on various aspects of fitness such as improving energy level, developing lean muscle, reducing body fat, meeting training and nutrition targets and much more. Our commitment to excel ensures that all products are best in quality delivering results at par with consumer expectations.